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About SYRICI|  Shenyang Research Institute Of Chemical Industry


Shenyang Research Institute of Chemical Industry (SYRICI), established on January 8, 1949, is the first national comprehensive chemical research institute in China. 


Since its establishment, SYRICI has undergone many adjustments in its subordinate relationship. It has been subordinated to the Central Ministry of Heavy Industry, the Ministry of Chemical Industry, Liaoning Province and State Bureau of Petroleum and Chemical Industry. In May 1999, in accordance with the requirements of the reform of the management system of national scientific research institutions, SYRICI became a large-scale scientific and technological enterprise directly managed by the Central Work Committee for Large Enterprises. In 2003, SYRYCI was directly managed by the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council (SASAC). 


In April 2007, with the approval of SASAC, SYRICI was reorganized into Sinochem Group, and became its wholly-owned subsidiary. In July 2009, according to the overall restructuring requirements of Sinochem Group, SYRICI was restructured into a limited liability company and renamed as "Shenyang Research Institute of Chemical Industry Co., Ltd." 


SYRICI has experienced 12-time specialties (departments) separation in the past 70 years, which has greatly promoted the development of China's chemical industry research. At present, SYRICI mainly carries out the research and industrialization of chemical advanced materials, ecological agriculture, biochemical engineering, chemical testing and evaluation, chemical industry safety technology, hazardous waste identification, etc. 


SYRICI is the second-batch national innovative enterprise, the national high-tech enterprise, national technological innovation demonstration enterprise, and it also has the first domestic safety evaluation institution that has passed through the Good Laboratory Practice(GLP) international certification of OECD. SYRICI owns National Dyestuffs Engineering Research Center, National New Drug Safety Evaluation Center and Technology Innovation Center for Inherent Safety of Chemical Process, Ministry of Emergency Management of the People’s Republic of China. It also has National Pesticide Quality Supervision and Testing Center, National Dyestuff Quality Supervision and Testing Center, the Pesticide and Dyestuff Information Centers, and the Establishing Organization of Agrichemical and Dyestuffs Committees as well as accredited to grant master's degrees in applied chemistry and as a post-doctoral research station. 


During the past 70 years, SYRICI has gained glorious success in scientific research. Up to 2018, SYRICI obtains nearly 3000 scientific research achievements, 150 National Key Science and Technology Projects, more than 900 national and industrial standards, 400 scientific and technological awards, 171 valid patents, 60 scientific and technological qualifications (platforms), which has created good external conditions to carry out various research work, and SYRICI has strong influence in the industry.


Looking into the future, SYRICI will uphold the value of “In Science We Trust” of Sinchem Group ,the spirit of “Earnest, Serious & Truth”, strive to create a corporate culture of “Scholarly Family”, focus on common and key technology, construct core technology in product development, industry upgrading and business driving, and build a moderately high value-added profitable business in industrialization to provide scientific and technological support, industry cultivation and talent supply for the development of chemical industry and local economy. SYRICI is committed to becoming a leading domestic and international-influential technology enterprise in fine chemical industry.