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Three Experts of SYRICI Won the China Dye Industry 100 Anniversary Outstanding Contribution Award


福建11选5开奖直播 www.sdzom.com On April 10th, China Dye Association held 100 anniversary of China Dye Industry Summary Commendation Conference in Shanghai. Professor Ren Shengwu got the China dye industry 100 anniversary Merit Award. Mr. Wang Jingguo, former president of research institute of chemical advanced materials, and chief engineer Prof. Wang Ying got the China dye industry 100 anniversary contribution award.


Prof. Ren Shengwu was the pioneer of China organic pigment and of the research of printing assistant. During the research work of over 20 years, Prof. Ren took part in 60 important projects of dye and organic pigment. He obtained more than 300 new species achievements.


Prof. Wang Jingguo finished multiple difficult but with good market prospect national key tasks and industrialization. Many achievements filled the national blank. New paper-use liquid fluorescent brightener APC production technology won the 2nd prize of CPCIA. Prof. Wang won 7 national invention patent.


Prof. Wang Ying has been the first in developing the research of supercritical CO2 special dye for wool. The achievement won the 1st prize of technological invention of CPCIA and 2nd prize of national technological invention.


SYRICI is the supporting unit of national engineering research center of dye. Thousands of dye have been developed successfully, which occupy over 50% of the national dye types. SYRICI obtains 10 national prizes for progress in science and technology, 50 provincial awards and 100 patents.